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Growing Up and Ants On A Log

Growing Up and Ants On A Log

Yesterday, my mom blog-busted me.

“Honey,” she said. “You said you were going to write 3 times a week, I haven’t seen anything in practically a month!”

I made excuses, said I’d been writing for other platforms, which is true, but honestly, I should be remembering that for me writing is like medicine. And I’ve definitely been neglecting that part of me for quite a bit now. So! I am revamping with one of my favorite things: COOKING 🙂

Sophomore year of college my roommate and I began a tumblr called “Our Not So College Life.” It was essentially a food blog and the “not so college” bit came from a realization one evening when I was cooking up something and Lindsey was eating dinner and I leaned out of the kitchen and said “what’re you eating tonight?” and she replied with “oh just a swordfish steak and a root vegetable rague.” It then became apparent that we needed to share our ramen-less college existence with the world.

So here’s a food post for you! Lovely roomie and I are now on opposite sides of the country (*sniff*) but continue to cook and make things that are not-so-typical for our age group.

Grown Up Ants On A Log

I used to make fun of Lindsey for her love of almond butter and (shh don’t tell!) until today I don’t believe I’d actually tried the stuff. But today, I popped my almond butter cherry with a marvelous concoction I’m dubbing “grown up ants on a log.” It seemed like the perfect way to end a long day, a little salty, a little sweet, and oh-so healthy!

photo 3

Four organic celery stalks met Trader Joe’s crunchy unsalted almond butter and were topped with chia seeds and organic raisins! Celery is a marvelous anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich veggie that’s fun to eat and made me feel like a kid again (if only for 20 minutes). The chia seeds added protein and fiber (insert mom’s required comment on the importance of fiber here) and the raisins were the ants! (Duh.)

A great treat that’s great for you and that turns sitting on the couch in your yoga clothes into a flashback of your 5 year old self having a picnic in an adorable sundress. With a hat. At least, that’s what I was fantasizing about.


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